The unbucket list

why the unbucket list?

Frankly, I hate the term “bucket list”, I toyed with the “things I wanna do before I croak list”, but it was too long..

So anyway, we all have things we want to do or want to see and this is the start of mine. I started it as a page so I can revisit it and add or delete as I see fit..
These are not in order of importance but more a random list 🙂

Feel free to comment if you want..

1. Visit Machu Picchu
2. Spend Christmas/New years in the US
3. Visit Italy
4. Spend 6 months in India, working and traveling
5. Ride around Australia on a Motorcycle
6. Walk the Kokoda Trail
7. Walk part of the Appalachian Trail
8. Walk the Cape to Cape Trail
9. Go Skydiving
10. Go Backpacking, anywhere really…
11. See the aurora borealis
12. Travel around America, Visit Boston, New York, New Orleans for a start…
13. Start my own company
14. Visit Norfolk Island
15. Restore a vintage Car/Bike
16. Master speaking Hindi
17. After Hindi, learn another language
18. Write a book
19. Learn Guitar
20. See the Redsox play
21. Find a job I like 🙂
22. Find time to do more photography

Well that is a start…I will add more over the coming weeks…


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