Work life balance

Work Life balance seems to be one of the keys phrases around business over the past few years.

But does it really exist?

I am currently on the tail end of a 4 week holiday from work and the past few weeks have shown me how little of a life I have. It seems my whole life revolves around work.. I work 10 to 12 hours a day not counting the 40 minute drive each way. I leave home around 3am and am back around 4pm to 5pm.  

Where is the balance in that? 

The past few weeks have also shown me the affects that my job is having on my body. I  suffer from migraines weekly (sometimes twice a week), and am constantly tired and sore.  

In the past few weeks I have had only one migraine (and a mild one at that) and have not woken up stiff and sore.

I am sure there are a lot of people who can relate to what I am saying but where do we draw the line and say we don’t want to do this anymore? I mean we need money to live but at the cost of our health?  Do we take a lower paying position with less stress etc or do we continue to earn big money at the expense of our health? 

I would love to hear others opinions on this.


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