The 52 Project, Week 1



Day Cottage

What better way to start documenting the local area than to start with the history?

I did take some black and white shots but found you couldn’t see the contrast in the brickwork as much 🙂

The Day Cottage was owned by William and Susan Day. This existing stone cottage was built in 1885 and they established it as a wayside inn operating from probably 1895 to 1899. They owned 40 acres on which the house sat and worked the property as a farm.


6 responses to “The 52 Project, Week 1

  1. I love the history contained in old buildings. I wish more of them could be restored for future generations to also appreciate some of what their forefathers’ lives were like.

    • Yeah it is a shame they fall into disrepair like this. There is another old house nearby that was my first choice for a photo but when I went there it is sadly a ruin now, roof has caved in etc.

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