Your social media identity

I just read an article about a person who deleted their Instagram account because they had become fake and created an “online identity” who wasn’t like they were in real life.

Although there are conflicting reports as to the authenticity of the person and the reason behind her deleting her account, it is curious to think about how many people are different on social media than in real life.

Look at your own WordPress, Instagram, Twitter etc..
Is the person you portray the person you are in real life or have you crafted your identity to what you think people will like?

I, myself, have a few social media accounts. My Facebook is private and where I post my personal photos, comments etc for family and friends.

My other accounts such as WordPress and Instagram is where I post my more creative ideas and photos and I will never post any personal photos of myself or my family on there.

The only thing that is different between my social media identity and who I am is that I can express myself better here than in person as I have a stutter.
That is the only difference.


One response to “Your social media identity

  1. The question is : why did that person create a not “real ” identity ? Why do people do that ?
    I think because they are unhappy with themselves and their life and, in that way, they can ” live virtually ” the life that they would like or they cannot have.
    I cannot judge them in a negative way because every person is different and I don’t know what that person issue was or could be.

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