The job search joke

At the moment my wife is looking for a job in Perth.

Despite having a Masters Degree in Human Resources, and a Bachelors in Business with some experience and helping in the office of her fathers business since she was 15, she is unable to land an interview. She has also worked for 4 years in retail as well.

The job market in Perth is a joke. It seems if you didn’t start work straight from school and have 3 or more years experience then no-one wants to know you. I have heard of people with degrees working at McDonalds because they  can’t get a job in their chosen field.

The reality behind job seeking websites such as Seek etc, is that thousands of people apply for one position. A lot of these may be totally unsuitable for the job but apply anyway, this leaves the genuine applicants lost amongst the crowd so to speak.

Then there is the automated resume screeners (Google it, its real). This system searches resumes for key words which are suited for the position and then all other resumes are deleted by the system. So your resume may never been seen by a human at all.

My wife was referred to an employment agency last week, only to arrive and find she wasn’t eligible for help as she is not registered with Centrelink, the Government unemployment branch. Whilst she was there, she overheard a conversation between an employee and a job seeker who was offered a position. He declined a position as “he only wants to work with cars and nothing else”. My wife was gobsmacked, he was offered a job and didn’t accept it.

She is one of the rare people that actually wants to work and doesn’t care what the position is. All she needs is a chance to prove herself.

That’s not too much to ask is it?


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