Most people like Christmas…

I on the other hand…hate it.

I spent a far amount of my working life in retail and anyone who has worked on retail would understand.

Christmas is massively over commercialized.
It is no longer about spending time with family and friends but more about spending money..
For some reason people get more agitated at Christmas, no idea why this happens..maybe they don’twant to see the in laws?
Unfortunately the people working in retail cop alot of the abuse..
For example:
Customer: do you have (insert product name) here?
Me: sorry that is not in season at the moment…
Customer: BUT I NEEEEED IT!!!!!!!

Yeah….sorry the fact you need it is not going to make it magically appear.
Contrary to popular opinion… shops do not have a magic box out the back where things customers need magically appear..

Also if you go shopping on Christmas eve expect to wait in queue.
Yes we realize you are busy… trust me, we would rather be somewhere else too..

Does anyone else have any retail Christmas stories? 


One response to “Christmas

  1. Perversely, one of the best Christmases I ever had was working in retail after university. I ended up on the music counter of Woolworths (the UK version – stock profile is a bit like Kmart in a way I suppose) – it was manic but great fun and the staff were all really cool. Plus we got to pick the music. Now though I hate Christmas shopping except in tactical bursts well before I need to – leaving the madness for other people.

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