I decided to reveal something about myself.

I used to have a blog my the old Myspace before they shut them down. I used it to document my journey whilst I did the McGuire Programme in 2009.

I am a stutterer.

I would like to say “recovering stutterer” as we are taught to do in the McGuire Programme. But I fell into the same daily traps as alot of us do and reverted back to being a full stutterer.

So you may be asking did the course work?I would have to say yes it can work, but it needs dedication and hard work afterwards to maintain the fluency achieved. I probably didn’t do the course at the right time in my life as I was dealing with other problems which I will not disclose here.

I also had a problem which began back in school, year 7 to be exact. One of my so called “teachers” told me I will never make anything of my life because I stutter. To a 12 yo kid that is a real confidence booster…..yes that is sarcasm!

I have spent every year since then trying to do the best I can to prove this idiot and other people who think like this wrong. Trying to prove that a stutterer can achieve something and be successful.

But then it dawned on me….

What does “make anything of my life” actually mean? Does it mean I won’t have a successful career, I won’t make my mark on the world or I will live out my years as a grumpy old man scaring little children in my street due to my supposed lack of social skills?

Everyone has a different idea on what makes us successful in life.

I may not be rich, I cannot converse as well as would like and I would like a better job. I am not perfect and never will be.


I have a roof over my head and a secure job (no matter how much I whinge about it lol). I have a wife who I love and family around me and I am content with what I have.

So maybe I am successful after all.. we don’t need to base success on career, goals or money.

At the end of the day it is how you feel.


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