Cultural Differences – Education

I have decided to write about some of the  cultural differences that we have noticed between  Australia and India.

One of the major difference is the focus on education between the two countries.

A lot of Indian families are  very focused on their childs education. From  a young age children are expected to study hard and get the best results.
The major focus of this hard work is being able to get into a good university.
Getting a good education is the key to a good life and job prospects.

Australians are much more relaxed towards education. There is no pressure for the child to earn top marks or to enter university after school.
It seems whatever happens, the child can always go to TAFE when they finish  school and not have the expense of going to uni.

I  am not saying either country is better as both ways have their problems. Either too little or too much pressure can make all the difference.

So where do I stand?

A child should be taught to do the best they can, not what society expects of them.
At the end of the day, we all can aspire to be anything we want to be.
Children should be able to choose their own path in life.
If they make mistakes, then it is their mistake and theirs alone.


One response to “Cultural Differences – Education

  1. I guess that’s the difference between Asian and western culture. Not just in India, I believe you can group the Asian education system as one and the western education system as another. The Asian society is generally collectivistic which makes it important for students to catch up with the rest. Nobody wants to be left alone doing something different while the society progresses. “Face-saving” and “not losing out” are some aspects of Asian culture. The dynamics of the Asian society is such that if you don’t do well academically, you are pretty much doomed for the rest of your life (of course it is not true, but believed to be so). Furthermore, there is no minimum wage in most Asian countries and opportunities are given to those who excel academically. Pressure is most often than not given by parents because no one would want to tell people that their child suck in school, not to mention the deliverance of physical punishment when expectations are not met. I believe the western culture do hold back much more on physical punishment, which contributes to much difference in attitudes.

    Take Singapore for example, most parents discourage their kids to pursue full-time arts and sports because, “you cannot earn a living doing such things in Singapore.” Unlike Europe, take Vienna.. they have opera and orchestra concerts everyday such that as long as you are willing to pursue a career in the arts, you can survive just by performing. A kid would be insane to think about performing for a living in Singapore. Well, unless he is super talented like those who had done it before.

    Just some thoughts after spending 3 months in Europe.

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