Living in a multicultural marriage

After being married for a few years, the biggest question we get asked is “how do you cope with being so different?”

For those who are new here, I  am Australian and my wife is Indian.

The  answer to the question is easy:


At the beginning we had to learn each others cultural differences and way of life.
For example, my wife  is a strict  vegetarian and won’t eat anything even if it has been near meat.
I, on the other hand, have grown up eating meat pretty much every day.
So how do we get around this?
We have discovered meals (all vegetarian) which we are both happy with, we go to a restaurant once a week  where I usually eat meat. 
She has had to compromise when eating out in Australia as all restaurants serve meat, she understands this and as long as there is one vegetarian option on the menu, she is happy.
We both help with chores around the house- I am more than happy to get in the kitchen and cook dinner (a guy cooking is not really done in Indian  culture).
This makes some Indian couples laugh at us.

But who cares?

We both come from different religious backgrounds, she is Hindu and I was raised as a Christian.
We both respect each others beliefs and have/will not force it on each other.  

The bottom line  is that we do not  believe we are that different.
Every couple regardless of race, gender  etc have differences.
The key is making the marriage work.


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